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Landscape Allegory in the Cinema follows a generally linear trajectory: it moves from a discussion of art historical discourses about landscape during the 18th and 19 th centuries (in European and American production contexts) through various national historical clusters in film history (the wastelands that dominate1960s Italian cinema, or the use of rural highway landscapes in "New Hollywood" road movies of the late 1960s and early 1970s). Melbye does not offer a systematic account of landscape allegory in each decade of cinema's 100+ year history, but rather picks a series of contexts where the tendency towards landscape allegory is most common, or most [End Page 92] urgently representative of oppositional cultural attitudes. While Melbye always provides sufficient support for his choices, his reasons for what he does not discuss are often vague. Melbye briefly explains why the main body of his text does not assess Japanese or Indian films, suggesting that to do so would necessitate a very different proto-cinematic history of landscape allegory, as well as a different account of the self in society or the coded meanings of natural phenomena (159-160). Yet the decision not to discuss, for example, contemporary travel documentaries or 1950s Hollywood musicals is never fully substantiated.

The Old Men full movie download in italian

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