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Skillet, Comatose Full Album Zip BEST

Most audio/video combo live releases tend to either have an excellent version of only one or the other, seldom both. ForComatose Comes Alive, the audio disc is easily the strongest of the two, however, they certainly haven't skimpedon the video side of things either. The audio mix is nothingshort of amazing on the CD portion of Comatose Comes Alive. It's crisp, it's full, and frontman John Cooper's voicesounds fantastic without sounding doctored in any kind of way in post production. Also, the guitars and bass are given thelife they need to make a live rock album sound really good. Many live recordings are unbalanced, either focusing on the qualityof the vocals over the instruments or vice versa. On Comatose Comes Alive, the mix is almost perfect. Backgroundvocals pop forward when needed and fall to the back at just the right moments. Also, the disc includes most of the chit-chatfrom Cooper between songs, but includes it at the end of the track that precedes the next song, making it easy to skipfor repeat stereo plays when you just want to get to the music.

Skillet, Comatose Full Album Zip

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To accompany the incredible audio disc is a live video DVD, presented in 16:9 widescreen format. The editing is extremely stylized. The opening of the concert is shown in a trim, ultra wide shot, with a dirt and scratches effect on the film to make it look aged and classic before the first song "Comatose" bursts open and the screen jumpsinto the full 16:9 aspect ratio. The screen dances from song to song with frantic lighting, spastic camera angles, and image effectsthat zip from frame to frame, keeping things always moving and never boring. The quick cutting can be a bit much at times,however, with some of it having a dizzying effect (especially on "Whispers In The Dark"... just think Cloverfield), but when the songs slow down, like with "The Older I Get," the angle cutting slows to give the camera a chance to linger a bit longer.Also, some of the camera effects lift the viewer out of the live concert setting, making it feel more like a music video than a live concertDVD. Lastly, there is some unintentional video noise and pixelation viewable when watching this on the bigger screens, but it's not enough to reallyharm the enjoyability of the disc. This is truly a quality live concert experience, especially when it comes toa live Christian rock production, and just what Skillet fans have been waiting for. The concert DVD also includes moretalking from John Cooper than on the audio disc. Before the encore on the DVD, Cooper introduces the band andspeaks about the meaning of the album and tour title "Comatose" as well as the message behind it. It's a nice fit for the DVD,and a wise choice to have trimmed it off of the audio disc.

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